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Luma is a very exciting business, but we are treading new ground and we're learning new things every day as the market continues to evolve. We need people with a passion to work in a dynamic environment and enact real change, who think outside of the box, and that believe in our mission. If that sounds like you, why not join? We look forward to meeting you!

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#Optimization Engineer /#Operations Research

The optimization algorithm lies at the core of Luma, which consists on the stochastic optimization of linear and non-linear systems of equations corresponding to vehicle arrival and departure times, electricity prices, and grid frequency data. This role consists on the development of a stochastic, constrained optimization model with risk aversion. Scenario variability and predictive modeling in Python, with knowledge of the Pyomo optimization framework, is preferred.

Keywords: #Python, #Pyomo, #Stochastic, #Optimization, #OR, #MINLP

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#Back End Dev. / #Systems Dev. / #Cloud Engineer

Luma is a cloud hosted algorithm that needs to connect to thousands of EV chargers in real time. Data needs to be collected, analyzed by our predictive models, fed into the optimization algorithm, and displayed in real time to users via our app. Long term storage is also necessary to store a variety of EV usage data points. We are looking for Back End Developers or Cloud DevOps interested in building a client-server architecture for real time data acquisition and long term storage from the ground up.

Keywords: #Cloud, #Architecture, #Servers, #DataLake, #Back-End

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#Software Engineer / Systems Developer

The very nature of Luma requires that we build a complex pipeline of models, predictive algorithms, databases, and user dashboards that need to pull and push data from each other seamlessly - and in real time. No small task indeed. We are looking for Software Engineers or System Developers to help write and maintain such a system. Some experience with predictive modeling, data science, and data visualization is preferred. 

Keywords: #Python #Machine-Learning, #Full-Stack, #Back-End

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#Data Scientist / #Machine Learning Scientist

One of the major challenges for Luma is the forecasting of not only the grid frequency and electricity prices, but also the charging patterns of each individual EV user. This position will consist on further developing time-series forecasting and consensus Machine-Learning models to accurately predict these parameters and ensure bid reliability. On top of that, we are looking for experts that can analyze, visualize, and create explanatory reports from the millions of data points we collect.

Keywords: #Python, #Machine-Learning, #Seaborn, #Sci-kit-learn, #Keras

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#Student Position / #Open Role

This company was founded by students, so if you are still studying, looking for an internship, or are interested in joining us in the future, go ahead and reach out. It doesn't have to be a technical role either. We need people that know about electricity markets, sales, business, and finance. All we care is that you want to learn and grow with us. Use any of the keywords listed below as the #Position Title in the application below, and we'll get back to you.

Keywords: #Student, #Internship, #Business, #Sales, #Finance, #UI/UX, #Open


At Luma we like to keep things simple. No complicated forms, no mandatory documents. Each person has their own way of telling their story; so tell us what you think we should know about you, why you're the best fit for the job, and why you're interested in our company. We'll get right back to you.

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