A cleaner grid with every charge.
Power the green transition with your EV.

Our software optimizes the charging of electric vehicles and turns them into reliable energy storage.

Luma at a Glance

A car is parked for 95% of the time.
We think that's a wasted opportunity.

Luma is a cloud algorithm that connects to and coordinates the charging of Electric Vehicles, turning them into the world's largest virtual battery.

Help reduce society's CO2 Emissions

Turn your EV into a source of income

Increase the lifetime of your EV battery

What does Luma do? 

We create a green, backup reserve for the utility grid.

The electric grid is not always stable. Sometimes the sun does not shine, sometimes a power plant stops working. We can't always anticipate the unexpected - but the electricity must keep flowing. By using EVs as a source of flexible backup power, we can help prevent grid instability without needing to rethink the electric grid, without investing millions on costly grid upgrades, and without relying on fossil-fuel power plants.

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Mobirise Website Builder
We extend the life of your EV battery. 

EVs are parked for 95% of their lifetime. The thing is, they actually donĀ“t need that much time to reach full charge, but the longer they stay there, the faster your battery degrades. By using our intelligent optimization algorithm, we make sure your EVs battery is within the optimal charge range as long as possible, charging your battery to full only in the moments before you need to leave. You won't notice the difference, but your EV definitely will! 

We fight climate change, you get rewards for it. Let's make your EV work for you.

By connecing your EV to the thousands of other vehicles on our network, you can contribute to the energy transition - and get rewarded for it! For every euro we earn, we share some of that profit with you. We like transparency: through our app, monitor your EV's charge level in real time, set your charging schedule, see how much CO2 you've helped reduce since joining, discount your earnings from your electricity bill, or choose to donate them to sustainable causes.

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Partners & Accelarators

EIT Urban Mobility
Mobirise Website Builder
Mobirise Website Builder
Mobirise Website Builder
Mobirise Website Builder
Mobirise Website Builder