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Get the quick rundown on the different aspects of Luma

We know we're throwing a lot of difficult concepts around, but here you can explore the different aspects of the Luma software stack and see how we make a difference in the push towards a more green, efficient power network.

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Cloud Connected

The Luma Network is an intelligent cloud-connected algorithm that monitors, controls, and aggregates the battery capacity of individual electric vehicles connected to our chargers into manageable bids. Due to the nature of our installations and our smart chargers, we are able to track and optimize our energy storage - bundling up groups of chargers into bids on the Reserve Market.

We don't want to get too much into market mechanics, but in short, the Reserve Market acts as a backup to the grid in case something goes wrong. Most EVs today can't discharge - but they can stop charging - and that's more than enough to stabilize the grid. As new EVs emerge and V2G becomes commonplace, cars will become batteries that just happen to have wheels, and that's when the true potential of EVs - and Luma - will really shine.

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Machine Power

Using machine learning and predictive modeling, Luma is able to monitor patterns on the Electricity Market, the driving patterns of Electric Vehicles, as well as the load profiles of our facility customers in order to create manageable, reliable Reserve Bids.

The best part is that the more installations we build and the more EVs we manage, the higher the reliability of our bids and services: by using stochastic modeling, our network is able to reduce the risks inherent to bidding in a day-ahead fashion through the aggregation of geographically separate facilities, allowing for more efficient use of EV batteries and ensuring bid compliance.

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Freedom to Charge

Finally, let's not forget one of the most important parts: you, the EV owner! Luma will manage the user profiles of our EV users, taking their driving and charging schedules into account when calculating our available capacity at a given moment.

It is extremely important that we maintain our customers happy, and that requires not only allowing them to specify charging and discharging windows, but also making sure we learn about their driving patterns and tailor our services to each profile.

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Greatness Awaits

Luma is an algorithm that will roll out in phases. We plan to start as an aggregator of power for Reserve Markets, adding features such as load management down the line.

Already, an alpha version of the algorithm is being finalized. As EV charger protocols and technologies continue to evolve, so too will Luma's capabilities, moving from first stage intelligent charging to full bi-directional V2G status.

"The true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing." - Isaac Asimov